Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic?

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Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic?

I have twin boys who are 9 years old, and they love when I buy them new toys or electronic game systems. For Christmas they both received Nooks so they could read and play video games. They loved them.

It wasn’t a week after ripping the christmas paper off the Nook that one of them wasn’t paying attention and dropped and broke his Nook.

I quickly realized the Nook held very little value to him because he hadn’t paid for it.

Health Insurance is a lot like my kids Nook, so when someone asks me, “Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic?”, I immediately question the value they hold for their health.

To quickly answer the question, YES, some Chiropractors accept insurance while others don’t. However, if you care at all about your health and health potential, you’ll want to read on.

“Health” Insurance

Let me be so bold to say, health insurance has absolutely nothing to do with “Health”.

health insurance covers chiropracticYour health insurance will only pay if there is a diagnosed problem, testing for said diagnosed problem, and treatment of diagnosed problem. All sickness and disease.

Health insurance more appropriately should be called Sick Insurance.

True “Health” Insurance would pay benefits to those taking responsibility for their lives and health, and would cover services designed to maintain optimal health.

Our current “Sick” insurance system, on the other hand, only pays when one is not healthy and pays for services associated with sickness and disease. If “Health” is ever obtained by these individuals, Sick Insurance will stop paying.

Chiropractors and Health Insurance

To be brutally honest, Chiropractic and Health Insurance are somewhat of an oxymoron.

Chiropractic, as it was initially intended to be practice, is about health and maintaining optimal human potential, while insurance is all about sickness and paying benefits to those who are sick.

A RANDOM THOUGHT: Sickness and disease is as a consequence of poor lifestyle choices over time. So, why do we reward those who have made poor lifestyle choices with financial resources? We need to start rewarding those who make good lifestyle choices with financial resources for Chiropractic, Gym memberships, and shopping organic?

Therapeutic Chiropractors: Chiropractors who practice within the medical paradigm of diagnosing problems and treating symptoms often bill insurance. This type of Chiropractic, although practiced beyond the scope of what’s considered traditional Chiropractic, is short sited and frequently used as a temporary solution much like medications.

Principled Chiropractors: Chiropractors who practice within the traditional scope of Chiropractic do not bill insurance because health insurance does not cover “Health” related services. This type of Chiropractor provides long-term solutions to health related problems, and is concerned more about human potential and optimal health.

It’s important to note not all Therapeutic Chiropractors accept health insurance, while all Principled Chiropractors will not accept health insurance.

The Responsibility of Health

Health Insurance, as a whole, is part of the problem, and has led people to place responsibility for their health on a third party.

The sole responsibility for Health falls wholly, and squarely on your shoulders.

Nobody else on the planet has as much to lose when health is lost than you.

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic?

YES, depending on the outcome you desire with your Chiropractic care.

Rather than asking the question, “Does insurance cover Chiropractic?”, perhaps the more appropriate question is, “Do Chiropractors enable people to not take responsibility for their health, and will they help me maintain a state of constant sickness?”

That, however, is way too long to type into a Google Search.

Determine what you want out of your Chiropractic relationship. For those looking for a short-term, temporary fix, there are Therapeutic Chiropractors who will accept health insurance, and for those looking for long-term health benefits, there are Principled Chiropractors who will partner with you on your journey to optimal potential.

So, which do you want? Short-term band aides or long-term solutions? Leave a comment below to share your point of view.

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Dr. Jason Ulsrud is the founder and owner of HealthChoice Chiropractic, and is passionate about helping people take back control of their health and their lives. Dr. Jason's HealthChoice Chiropractic is a natural solution to managing Pain and Chronic Disease with medical drugs and surgery, and to empower you to take back control of your Health and your Life.