Can Chiropractic Cause Strokes?

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Can Chiropractic Adjustments Cause Strokes?

The single biggest fear people have of Chiropractic is the fear of Strokes caused by neck manipulations. A great deal of propaganda has been created to warn people of the risks associated with Chiropractic and Strokes.

But is the propaganda true and are the risks real?

The objective of this article is to help you better understand Chiropractic, and the association of the Cervical Adjustment as it relates to Strokes. I contend as you better understand Chiropractic, you’ll realize how false the Stroke propaganda really is.

So, let’s get started and answer the question, “Can Chiropractic Cause Strokes?”

Understanding Strokes

A Stroke, or Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA), is the rapid loss of brain function due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. There are 2 types of Strokes causing a loss of blood flow to the brain.

Strokes and Chiropractic AdjusmtentsIschemic Strokes occur when arteries to the brain are blocked, thus restricting blood flow to the brain. Blockages could be caused by a Thrombosis (blood clot), Embolism (embolus from somewhere else in the body), and Systemic Hypoperfusion (general decrease in blood, ie. shock).

Hemorrhagic Strokes occur when arteries to the brain hemorrhage (lose blood). Hemorrhagic Strokes are much more severe in nature and commonly have specific symptoms such as headaches and previous head injury.

Top 10 Causes of Stroke

Strokes are a disease of Lifestyle Choices, and in a study published by The Lancet and presented to The World Congress of Cardiology in Bejing, the top 10 reasons for Strokes were detailed.

  • Lifestyle choices are the cause of most strokesHigh Blood Pressure
  • Smoking
  • A Fat Stomach
  • Poor Diet
  • Lack of Physical Activity
  • High Levels of Bad Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Stress and Depression
  • Heart Disorders

According to this study, these top 10 causes can account for 90% of Strokes.

As you can see, Chiropractic is nowhere to be found as a cause for Stroke.

Neck Manipulations

Many people confuse “Neck Manipulations” with “Adjustments”. Those in the HealthCare Matrix don’t have any education in Chiropractic, and commonly use the wrong nomenclature when describing the Chiropractic Adjustment.

Manipulations are considered gross maneuvers performed by therapists, osteopaths, and the lay public who are not trained with an understanding of proper biomechanics of the spine. Manipulations are a palliative effort to reduce pain and symptoms and are commonly delivered to the area of symptom.

Chiropractic Adjustments don't cause strokeChiropractic Adjustments are specific adjustments delivered by Chiropractors trained in normal biomechanics of the spine and neurology of a joint. Adjustments are not delivered as a palliative effort to reduce symptoms but rather as a correction for Vertebral Subluxations.

Those not trained in Chiropractic, and who don’t have a clear understanding of spinal biomechanics, will perform Manipulations with a gross twisting of the head and neck, like you see tough guys do in the movies, thus placing excessive stress on the joints and supportive soft tissue.

Chiropractors perform specific Adjustments with little to no rotation reducing most, if not all risk of joint or supportive tissue damage.

The No-Fluff Truth is, Specific Chiropractic Adjustments are highly unlikely to cause Strokes, where Manipulations delivered by Therapists and DO’s come with a much greater risk of Stroke.

No Support for Strokes

As the argument continues against Chiropractic, there simply is no support for Chiropractic causing Strokes.

It’s not enough to just say “Chiropractic causes Stroke”, but it must be followed with legitimate support and statistics.

Google “Strokes caused by Chiropractors”, or “How many Strokes are caused by Chiropractors?”, and you will find NO statistical evidence to support Chiropractic causes Strokes.  You will find, however, a great deal of opinion on the subject.

Is there research showing the Vertebral Arteries may be affected by extreme rotation of the neck? Yes.

Is there research showing a Chiropractic Adjustment causes Strokes? NO.

Let’s look at this argument in another logical way.

A Logical Conclusion

Is it possible, out of the millions of people who receive Chiropractic Adjustments every year, for a few to suffer a Stroke following an Adjustment? YES

Does it automatically mean their Stroke was caused by Chiropractic? NO

Considering over 90% of known Strokes are caused from poor Lifestyle Choices, it’s highly probable those who suffer Strokes following Chiropractic, do so because they were simply in the Chiropractors office when it happened.

So, this begs the questions…

How many people suffer Strokes while at home?

How many people suffer Strokes while at church?

How many people suffer Strokes while having sex?

Should we avoid being at home, or going to church, or having sex because we’re at higher risk of having a Stroke?  Why aren’t these in the spotlight as causes of Strokes?

Or, should we possibly avoid the Lifestyle Choices putting us at risk of Stroke, and not blame everyone else for our poor health?

My Last Point

Let’s pretend out of the 700,000 Strokes suffered annually, 100 people have a Stroke after seeing their Chiropractor (this is an arbitrary number as I can’t find any stats confirming the actual number of people who suffer a Stroke at the hands of a Chiropractor).

It seems to me, you’re at more risk of having a Stroke if you don’t see a Chiropractor than if you are seeing a Chiropractor.

Call HealthChoice Chiropractic Today to reduce your risk of Stroke (972) 265-89508.

It’s Your Choice…

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on Chiropractic causing Strokes.

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