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Rockwall Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Ulsrud, is passionate about helping people find Happiness through better Health and Wellness, to help more people Avoid taking medications to only manage pain and sickness.

Latest HealthLogic Podcast

The Placebo Effect


On this episode of the Health Logic Podcast, Dr. Jason talks about his grandmother’s Witch Doctor, and Blake brings up the topic of Placebo Effect. Leave a Comment →

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The Placebo Effect and Witch Doctors On this episode of the HealthLogic Podcast, Rockwall Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Ulsrud, and Blake... Read More →

Why Choose Rockwall Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Ulsrud?

Dr. Jason Ulsrud has been practicing Chiropractic for 15 years, and for the past 3 years has been running his Rockwall Chiropractic practice, HealthChoice Chiropractic. Dr. Jason is extremely passionate about Health and Wellness and has used Chiropractic as a tool to help thousands of people realize Happier lives by avoiding aches, pains, and sickness commonly medicated by the Medical Matrix.

Over 70% of Americans take perscription Drugs, with 20% on 5 or more medications.With over 70% of the American population on at least one medication to manage their Health problems, it’s more important than ever to offer alternatives to Chemical Warfare on our bodies in hopes of “preventing” Health problems, and “improving” overall Health.

While the most important asset anyone has in life is Health, it’s also the one thing no school teaches, and most know very little about. This must change…

As a Chiropractor in Rockwall, Dr. Jason has taken it upon himself, along with his cohost on the HealthLogic Podcast, Blake Hammerton, to change the way the world sees their Health, and what we know about Health.

The Health Logic Podcast with Dr. Jason Ulsrud The HealthLogic Podcast

In the HealthLogic Podcast, Rockwall Chiropractor Dr. Jason Ulsrud and Blake Hammerton take a look at the Logical side of Health and Wellness, so you don’t have to simply manage pain and chronic health problems with medications.

The Rule Breakers Podcast for Chiropractors with Dr. Jason UlsrudRule Breakers Podcast

Dr. Jason Ulsrud, the Rockwall Chiropractor, is a leader in Chiropractic and in his Rule Breakers Podcast for Chiropractors, he explores what makes a successful Chiropractor and helps doctors along their journey of practice growth.

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